You've Got This!


The main thing I want you to know is you’ve got this. Whatever is on your mind, on your heart, or holding you back… you’ve got the power and the resources to deal with it and move forward.  I know this because I’ve been there: I’ve been held back. I’ve suffered loss. I’ve struggled through transitional moments. Life has lived me. And through it, I’ve learned how to get out of my own way, to tap into the reality of my experience, and to harness my highest potential in order to move forward.

I serve people and families who need support reaching their highest potential, who wish they could move past an obstacle, who struggle with transitory periods, and who desire to make progress in one or more areas of their lives. I give them tools to identify current limitations, help them define what success looks like to them, and work with them to develop effective strategies for leading their best life. In essence, I help people turn an “I can’t” or an “I don’t know how” into a big, huge, “I’ve got this!”

I’m a Certified Coach’s Federation Certified Coach, and a Certified Teacher through the Alberta Teacher’s Association. When I’m not coaching, you can catch me teaching at Tao of Peace Martial Arts and Life Skills in Calgary, Alberta. I may also be catching some quality time with my loving husband, sweating my way through a yoga practice, or cooking up vegan food in my gorgeous kitchen (it’s the only perfect room in my home).

If you’re dying to know more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. On my first day of kindergarten I came home and told my Mom I wanted to be a teacher. I hustled towards that goal with intense focus and worked as a high school English and Drama teacher for five years. I loved it. But what I loved most was working with individual students to make real, meaningful change in their lives, so here I am!

  2. I have two rescue dogs: a 130 lb St. Bernard mix and an 8 lb Pomeranian. Working with them to develop balance has been tiring, frustrating, and incredibly rewarding.

  3. I love writing. And reading. I’m working on a novel with the best writing partner a girl could ever ask for.

  4. I am obsessed (obsessed!) with great coffee. To the point that my husband and I had to have a long, real conversation about what’s a realistic coffee budget. I frequently reach the end of that budget early in the month.

  5. I took a few Hapkido classes when I was struggling to direct fight scenes as a theatre teacher. Fast forward a few years and I now hold a black belt. If you want to learn about yourself, commit to Martial Arts. It’s powerful.

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