Individual Coaching (Adult and Youth)

Coaching is an action and results-oriented approach to growth that is based on targeted conversation, authentic and non-judgemental feedback, and purposeful insight. The personal development that occurs through the coaching process is sustainable and transformative, so long as both parties are committed to purposeful and collaborative action. 

Coaching for individuals creates a safe environment in which one can increase their self-awareness, develop truthful self-evaluation processes, identify and take required actions, and practice essential skills for long term success. It is about developing the courage to take personal responsibility for what one has control over, and letting go of what one cannot control.

Individual Coaching is right for you if:

  • something is holding you back from reaching your highest potential

  • you frequently feel lost, alone, tired, or generally ineffective in work, school, personal pursuits, or in relationships

  • you are struggling to overcome an obstacle

  • you feel that you should be more successful than you are

  • you are looking for an action-oriented complement to traditional therapies

  • you are looking to design a new plan for yourself, your habits, or your circumstances.