Join me in a year of self-development that will connect you to what’s important in life: your body, your mind, your spirit, and your community. Each month I’ll give you the tools and motivation to examine a key area of your life, and guide you through a process of reflection, goal-setting, and blazing forward into your own personal revolution!



We’ll start the journey by spending time examining your relationship to your body. Specifically: what you eat, when you move, and how you sleep. Regardless of your physical circumstances, you’ll leave this phase with a refreshed approach to your physical self care.


Most adults I know are so bogged down with routine, obligation, and stress that they neglect their mind. We’ll spend a module making your mind a priority by examining perspectives, creative pursuits, and learning something new!




Whatever your religious beliefs, there’s no denying that we can tap in to a sense of connectedness and comfort through prioritizing the exploration of the spirit. In the summer months, we’ll explore the spirit by spending time in nature (hey, I have to sit under this tree right now… my life coach said so!), spending time in silence, and rebuilding our connection to ourselves.



After fortifying our relationship to our body, engaging our mind in a way that serves us, and connecting deeply to the spirit, it’s time to look outwards. Our last phase of the year examine the connection you have with others, the boundaries you put in place, and the way you contribute to your community!