You've Got This!

 Individual Coaching (Adult and Youth)

Coaching is an action and results-oriented approach to growth that is based on targeted conversation, authentic and non-judgemental feedback, and purposeful insight. The personal development that occurs through the coaching process is sustainable and transformative, so long as both parties are committed to purposeful and collaborative action. 

Coaching for individuals creates a safe environment in which one can increase their self-awareness, develop truthful self-evaluation processes, identify and take required actions, and practice essential skills for long term success. It is about developing the courage to take personal responsibility for what one has control over, and letting go of what one cannot control.

Individual Coaching is right for you if:

  • something is holding you back from reaching your highest potential

  • you frequently feel lost, alone, tired, or generally ineffective in work, school, personal pursuits, or in relationships

  • you are struggling to overcome an obstacle

  • you feel that you should be more successful than you are

  • you are looking for an action-oriented complement to traditional therapies

  • you are looking to design a new plan for yourself, your habits, or your circumstances.

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 Child-Centric Family Coaching

We all know that managing a healthy, thriving family is tough work. It's a full time job, on top of your full time job! Child-Centric Family Coaching is an option for families who struggle to pull together and support their children's success through a myriad of growth opportunities, such as:

  • an increased homework load

  • specific learning difficulty diagnoses (ADD/ADHD/Processing delays, etc.)

  • suspected learning difficulty diagnoses

  • difficulty with academic performance

  • integration into a new community

  • social skill and confidence development

  • developing self-regulation

  • developing personal resilience

  • time management

  • study skills and personal organization

  • and more!

In Child-Centric family coaching, I take the guesswork and legwork out of your approach. I liaise with the child, the family, teachers, school counselors, psychologists, and all other expert stakeholders in the child's success to create, communicate, and execute a cohesive plan. As the point person for all parties involved, my role is to support the child and family as they set goals, develop strategies, and learn to hold themselves to their highest potential. 

 Couples Coaching

One of my favourite things to do is work with couples who are interested and invested in one another and in the long-term health of their relationship. I work with couples who want to develop strategies for:

  • effective and compassionate communication

  • the art of no blame and non-judgement

  • safe spaces for difficult conversations

  • a long-term sense of fun and excitement

  • making the relationship a priority, even when life tries to get in the way

  • managing a transition in the relationship (a new job, a new living arrangement, rebuilding after a shift, etc.)

Couples coaching happens once a couple makes a collaborative decision to invest in the health of the relationship. It can be a powerful and transformative act of self care for both people involved, and the skills developed through couples coaching can revolutionize the way you approach other meaningful relationships in your life. 

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 Transitions Coaching

Transitions often spark in us a resistance to change, a decline in self confidence, and a general feeling of being completely and totally lost. Whether your transition is a divorce, a move, a change in career, a new addition to your family, newly identifying a facet of your identity, or a significant loss, my role is to support you as you step into the next season of your life. With transitions coaching, you will be heard, supported, and encouraged through one on one coaching that includes:

  • compassionate listening -- transitions are fear-inducing and it's okay to be scared!!

  • defining perceived limitations

  • selecting strategies to deconstruct those perceived limitations

  • developing frameworks and strategies to define goals, core values, and areas for growth

  • creating a strategy for working towards those goals and that growth

  • continued follow ups through the transition as your experience and perspective changes

  • general support as you move forward

I love serving people through transitions!  The coaching lasts as long as it takes for you to feel confident, resilient, and empowered to transition to the next phase of your life with grace. 

 Mindfulness Coaching

The backbone to sustained, long-term personal development is consistent self-awareness practices. Mindfulness coaching cuts through the myth of constant achievement and instead focuses on your foundation - self awareness - through potent, meaningful experiences that will fundamentally change your approach to life.

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools a coaching client can develop, so it is often introduced as a strategy regardless of the style of coaching engagement. Some clients prefer to engage specifically in this pursuit. A specific mindfulness coaching engagement often contains:

  • Brief screening to ensure that mindfulness is an appropriate strategy for the client

  • Education surrounding the science behind mindfulness and its benefits

  • Shared mindfulness experiences / in-session mindfulness protocols

  • Assigned tasks that build a client’s capacity to be (and stay) mindful

  • Discussion and coaching surrounding the application of mindfulness to a goal

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 Accountability Coaching

The most empowering way to achieve success is to organize your goals into manageable pieces and DO them. Accountability coaching is a hard-line approach that keeps you organized, on task, and consistently moving towards your goal.

Accountability coaching is like a six week crash diet for your habits and goals. It’s short term, you get great results, and it’s easy to regress back to your usual state once it’s complete. Accountability coaching can be very rewarding if you fully engage in the process and if you do it under the supervision of an experienced coach! The process typically involves:

  • Brief screening to ensure that this style of coaching intervention is right for you

  • An intensive, two-hour introductory session to identify your goals and break them into actionable steps

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins for the duration of the coaching engagement

  • Regular coaching sessions for the duration of the coaching engagement, including homework as needed

  • Monthly maintenance check-ins for four months following the coaching engagement