You are a Contribution

You. Yes, you. The wicked-powerful person reading this. I have a message for you:

You are a contribution. Just by being here – even at the very baseline of your existence – you are a contribution. No matter how you’re feeling, or how much you mess up, or how much you’re getting in your own way, I want you to remember that you are a contribution.

Imagine if we could believe that of ourselves. If we could honour who we are as a contribution to our communities. Would we treat ourselves any differently?

Try it.

Think about someone you view as a contribution to the world: the reverence you might have for that person; the love and respect you carry for them; your willingness to trust them. How much better would your life be if you could feel the same way about yourself as you do, say, Oprah? What if you revered yourself? What if you loved and respected your own needs? What if you were willing to trust your instincts?

I challenge you to turn those what-ifs into action items. To honour yourself as a contribution (because you are). To hold yourself to the same standard that you would hold someone who is truly exceptional.

It’s a tricky, funny thing: in order to be exceptional, we need to treat ourselves as if we are exceptional. And yet, how many people are waiting until they do something exceptional before they start treating themselves as if they are exceptional? How many people are waiting until they contribute before they start treating themselves like a contribution?

You, lovely human, are exceptional. You are a contribution. If you treat yourself as anything less, you’ll limit your potential.