Accountability Coaching

The most empowering way to achieve success is to organize your goals into manageable pieces and DO them. Accountability coaching is a hard-line approach that keeps you organized, on task, and consistently moving towards your goal.

Accountability coaching is like a six week crash diet for your habits and goals. It’s short term, you get great results, and it’s easy to regress back to your usual state once it’s complete. Accountability coaching can be very rewarding if you fully engage in the process and if you do it under the supervision of an experienced coach! The process typically involves:

  • Brief screening to ensure that this style of coaching intervention is right for you

  • An intensive, two-hour introductory session to identify your goals and break them into actionable steps

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins for the duration of the coaching engagement

  • Regular coaching sessions for the duration of the coaching engagement, including homework as needed

  • Monthly maintenance check-ins for four months following the coaching engagement